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Nia is a QLD-based interdisciplinary artist, born and raised a performer in Argentina. Descendant from long lines of Italians and Quechua people, her ancestry was already marked by contrasting cultures. Becoming independent in her teenage years and travelling alone around South America, she grew up into reality questioning attachments and identity, experiencing the ‘self’ as a bio-psycho-social creature in continuous transformation during times of environmental crisis, enforced separation of human connections and becoming numb to interacting with new technologies. Nia holds qualifications in Arts Production & Creative design, Dance Teaching & Management, plus a Bachelor in Marketing & Business Administration. She developed her career as a creative artist, event manager and movement mentor, becoming internationally recognized for her eclectic performances and awarded in numerous dance competitions. Like a Pandora box, Nia has just finished her beginners course of Auslan Sign Language and is currently training Jiu Jitsu martial arts.

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