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Karina Seljak_edited.jpg
Karina Seljak’s work engages with the temporal impossibility of making the immaterial material. Investigating colour relationships
and ephemerality, her finger-blending of loose, animate pigment are shaped into formal sharp lines and smooth gradients. Orbs cast shadows and create vacuums, and the constant presence of a horizon line deals with notions of universal balance. In conversation with feminist and transcendental painters’ artistic lineages, Seljak’s body of work includes symbols of draped fabric, moons and vessels to give form to the felt, unseen energies of the earth. Odes to our disappearing ecologies underpin Seljak’s pursuit of what may soon be lost.

Karina Seljak is an emerging drawing and textiles artist based on Kabi Kabi Country aka the Sunshine Coast. She holds a double
degree in Fine Arts (Fashion) & Business (Advertising) from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), graduating in 2011. As Cofounder & Director of Seljak Brand for 8 years, she translates her ideas into recycled closed-loop blanket designs to educate about circular economy and design approaches. In 2019, Karina received The Design Files Sustainable Design Award and in 2021, the QUT Outstanding Young Alumni of the Year Award.

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