Amanda Bennetts is an Artist, Curator and Founder of the 40/40! For the past two 40/40s Amanda has been both an exhibiting Artist and Co-Curator. This year she has given up her windward position on the walls of the Butter Factory to focus on things behind the helm of the 40/40 (a loose attempt at making sense of her chosen image). As co-curator and selection panelist, Amanda is excited for the future of the 40/40 - as a project that will be passed down to some younger folk as she approaches the mid- late-thirties/40 end of the 40/40’s age bracket. She will enjoy her retirement playing golf and indulging in phrases such as

“Well, I could’ve done that”  @ Contemporary Art.  



Alexandra Baxter is an Artist, Collector and Writer hailing from Townsville. She is a recent graduate from the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Queensland College of Art, majoring in Printmaking. Alex has a keen interest in curating and dreams of being a commercial gallerist. For just 22 years of age, Alex has an incredible art collection that features 3 past 40 Under 40 Artists, Lauren Jones, Ashlee Becks and Mitchell Cheesman. Alexandra is a whiz kid at art history has an impeccable eye for art and we are happy to have her joining our selection panel. 




Ryan Jones is a Sunny Coast local, Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Curator, Gallerist, exhibition installation extraordinaire at our three major Sunny Coast Art Institutions and a previous 40 Under 40 Artist. Ryan comes with a wealth of knowledge of contemporary art and curating, and we are stoked to have him on board to help assess your entries.