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Renee Kire is a Meanjin based visual artist whose practice uses sculpture and installation to revise the Minimalist agenda from a feminist perspective. Employing the aesthetic simplicity of Minimalism, Kire’s work toys with perspective and conflated dimensions, subverting our preconceptions about how objects and materials behave. By referencing overlooked figures from art history, particularly women from the minimalist movement, she aims to emphasize the historical gender imbalance in the art world and find unique ways to question why these themes are still current today.

Renee moved to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast to pursue her art career after she graduated high school. She recently successfully completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours (Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, 2022) and has presented her work in spaces such as the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Buxton Contemporary, Onespace, Metro Arts and Outer Space.

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