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Shaye Hardisty revels in textiles and fibre. Making the immaterial material, Shaye uses traditional craft processes such as sewing, quilting, and pattern drafting to make stories visible. Whether these be autobiographical, cultural, or tales of whole towns, Shaye creates playful investigations into how we describe who we are. 

Her unapologetic, often unconventional, textile works are contextualised by people. The soft, sculptural spaces she creates are shaped by those who inhabit them. 


Shaye’s art practice is both a conduit for connecting with people in a meaningful way and gently challenging the constraints of her own anxiety. Drawing on community engagement practices, storytelling, and collaborative craft, Shaye’s process is about letting things unfold, unravel, collectively mend, and patch together to materialise new connections. Tangible, tangential invitations towards joy. 


As an extension of her relational practice, Shaye is dedicated to ethical and sustainable textile practices with materials sourced second-hand or organically produced.


Shaye Hardisty lives and creates on Gubbi Gubbi/ Kabi Kabi Land.

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