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I am Sianna Liranza-Tiele a 22year old tattoo apprentice, and I proudly call the Sunshine Coast my hometown, where I was both born and raised. My upbringing was uniquely shaped by the influence of my stepfather, a man of captivating heritage, the blending of Burmese and Spanish roots. This rich cultural tapestry laid the foundation for my fascination with identity and my desire to forge connections with my own Afro Cuban heritage.
Beyond tattooing, I find immense joy in traditional artistic mediums, particularly acrylic and oils on canvas, as I am a self-taught artist in these disciplines.

My art mirrors the delicate balance between self-connection and disconnection. The constant polarity of feeling rooted in life's tangible realities while wandering through its mysteries. This emotional dance is a central theme in my work.

Throughout my artistic journey, I've explored how my art can channel these emotions. The greyhound dog, a recurring motif, symbolizes the swiftness of change, the pursuit of purpose, and the simultaneous yearning for stability, echoing deeply within my creations.

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