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Zartisha Davis_edited.jpg
Zartisha Davis is a proud Kabi Kabi woman and artist, her songlines also include belonging to the Cobble Cobble people of the Barungam Nation also known as the caretakers of Bonyi. On her fathers side she is Butchulla from K’Gari (Formerly known as Fraser Island) and has connections to the South Sea Islands Mare Island New Caledonia and Ambae Island Vanuatu.
Zartisha was apart of The Refinery cohort 5.0, project24 and ProjectLab. Her artwork depicts her saltwater tribe from the Mooloola and Meridian Plains, depicting shell fish eaters, shell middens and stories from her family and the Kabi Kabi Nation. Zartisha is a proud mum of Nullen and created the brand of shirt “Autistic and Deadly” in celebration of him and all his on the Autism spectrum to create awareness, acceptance and to remove stigma. You will often see Zartisha and Nullen at Munimba-Ja and dancing with the Jinibara dance troupe. Art song and dance is prominent in her family as she comes from a long line of artists, dancers and song men and women.

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