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I'm searching for meaning in a confusing world.
While I’ve accepted that understanding the world is an impossible task, I observe and create art about things I feel but can’t explain. There are contradictions and contrasts everywhere which intrigue me. These themes play recurring roles in my life and paintings: Freedom vs Entrapment, Wild vs Civilized, Exposure vs Mystery, Natural vs Man-made, Imagination vs Reality, and Male vs Female

My life is full of contrasts . . .

​I grew up with three sisters, although when I was young I was a dedicated tomboy with short hair and ninja turtle shirts. While I was born and raised in the Canadian badlands, I feel most at home on the beach.
I fulfilled my childhood dream in becoming an animator but I eventually had to face reality- I felt trapped in my life and needed to break free.

I left orderly Canada behind in pursuit of self discovery in chaotic Italy, a land of extreme contrasts, and a place that runs in my bloodline. Surfing brought me to Australia where I started a new adventure in motherhood. I now live in Maroochydore with my seven year old daughter.

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