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Bee Lucy_edited.jpg
I am Canadian/Australian who has lived in Australia on the sunshine coast for 10 years. I have been hopelessly in love with visual art since I was a child and challenged myself to explore varying techniques since I was 8 years old. I love working with all mediums but favour acrylic on canvas because I can explore different techniques and that is dries quickly. This is important to me because I sometimes don't know exactly where a painting will go once I begin, making it a more spontaneous journey. My artwork focuses on using high contrast, light and colour to bring a simple boldness in exploring our human experiences. Recently I have used these to explore my personal journey through the grief and loss of losing two brothers. I love using the human form to illicit visceral reactions from others. I paint to connect with others in a shared experience of grief and loss, as well as to leave a mark for my brothers. It is important to me to live a life for the three of us, and bring them into everything I do. Especially my art, as a way for them to be remembered and live on.

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