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Alexandra Stuart was born in 1998 and grew up in Caloundra. After completing a degree in Architecture and working as a draftsperson, her passion for visual art led Alex to embark on a remarkable career shift. This bold decision was her path to artistic expression.
In Yr.12, Alex was chosen to be part of the Creative Generations exhibition, a testament to her early promise and creativity. This recognition served as a stepping stone to her dedication to visual art.
Alex held a solo exhibition in March this year at the Happy Valley Brewery in Brisbane. This exhibition showcased her growth as an artist in the spirit of Neo Pop Art; Alex's show was well received, with many works sold.
Drawing inspiration from a post-modernism context and infusing her design background into her works, this emerging artist's creations are a mesmerizing blend of form, function, and aesthetics. Her works are a cacophony of contemporary chaos juxtaposing the mundane and the extraordinary. Her paintings capture the essence of modern life through vivid colours and surreal imagery—where the everyday hustle blends with the fantastical. With an exciting future ahead, she pushes boundaries and offers her viewers a unique and captivating perspective.

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