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Chloe Watego is a Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi-Kabi-based woman with a passion for sharing and celebrating her culture through art.

As a self-taught artist, Chloe uses painting for creative expression and to aid in healing as she continues to explore her family's heritage.

Born and raised on Yugambeh land, Chloe is of South Sea Islander descent and through her grandmother has ties to Torres Strait Island and the Bundjalung nation. Her grandfather was removed from family due the Stolen Generations, causing a hurtful disconnection to heritage and culture for him and the following generations of his family.

It was while on this journey to identify her grandfather's country, tribe and language that Chloe first started painting.

Chloe's artworks are a
means to shine a light on her family's enduring ties to the land while also illuminating the path forward for her children and future generations of her family.

@ chloe_watego_art
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