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Kali Maunder_edited.jpg
Kali Maunder is a multi-disciplined visual development artist, specialising in expressive and interactive illustration, photography/videography and animation work. Illustration is Maunder’s primary practice wherein she finds bliss and freedom in the colourful and introspective nature of the medium. He is informed by a deep love of ecology and rich childhood experiences with nature; the artist has always had both a deep respect for life and an awareness of death. She is shaped by her lived experiences with complex health and chronic illness, as well as being genderqueer.

Maunder will be graduating at the end of 2023 with a Bachelors in Design (Visual Communication) with excellence. He has demonstrated diverse skills including, but not limited to, graphic design, photography, videography, animation, acting and creative direction.

Maunder’s creative practice aims to combine mediums to create immersive and speculative installation pieces, finding new ways of tapping audiences into the boundless awareness connecting all perspectives. This is the pervasive theme throughout the artist’s body of work.

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