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Emerging contemporary artist exploring the natural landscape through a colonised vs coloniser lens. A Kunja decendant, born on Ngemba country, raising a revolution on Jinibara land. Lexie navigates being a white appearing woman whilst exploring her family lineage and how it is integral in her interpretation of the land in which she lives and creates on. Dabbling in paint, mark making, eco dye, weaving and clay, Lexie is also an arts educator who is passionate about accessibility, inclusivity and social activism. Although her artworks are often recognisable by their playful use of colour, Lexie often uses natural elements to continue the important conversation between the natural and manmade environments. And recently, the conversation between native and introduced plant species. When not starting her 400th project, you can find Lexie in her garden, pulling weeds at a local creek or losing at boardgames with her kids.

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