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Queensland based sculptural and installation artist, René Danika, uses her wit and dark sense of humour to create large scale works of art in order to comment on difficult topics such as politics and religion. Through the manipulation of organic materials such as clay, bones, hair, feathers and teeth with toxic, synthetic materials such as spray enamel, adhesives and latex, Danika demonstrates the incompatibility of rigid dichotomies and encourages her audience to reflect on their own biases and inherited philosophies.

The division of left wing and right wing politics is a recurrent theme in Danika’s work as she attempts to mediate a political climate in turmoil. Danika strips her spaces of ingrained prejudices and personal dispositions in order to create a neutral zone for open discussion which she achieves through the frequent implementation of black. An immersive experience is created in collaboration with the viewer allowing for personal reflection which, for some, may be an uncomfortable and even confronting experience. Danika asks that the viewer embrace that discomfort and learn from it.

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