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Kate, originally from the UK, studied a BA in Fine art at Winchester school of art, specialising in sculpture and installation. During this` time she spent one year studying in Milan, learning traditional painting skills and contemporary video art, graduating in 2015. Moving to Melbourne in 2018 to pursue her dream of being an artist.

Kates practice is a lively exploration of play between artist and material, Kate enters an artwork with no outcome in mind, this has taught her to overcome fear of the unknown, expectation and to freely trust the process of creating work that feels good.

Her expressiveness is revealed through fluid application of paint, her focus tuned into the emotive response of colour, and the patterns created through her many layers of working.

Art school got me all tangled up in feeling like every single decision had to have an explanation, this started to block my intuitive flow of creating work.There is always a reason why I choose to work in the way i do, but this often presents itself throughout the making process. I have learnt the beauty of allowing and trusting my intuition to guide me in my process. Sometimes the material is the language that words can not speak.

Kate has began intuitive Life drawing workshops from her studio space in Noosaville, this is to encourage everyone to re-connect with their creative side and find their internal expression through drawing without putting pressure on the outcome.



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