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You've got questions, we've got answers!

How many artworks can I enter?

We are accepting a maximum of 2 artworks per artist. If you are selected, both artworks will be exhibited. 

Does the artwork I submit have to be the artwork I exhibit?

Yes! The artwork you submit in your entry MUST be the artwork exhibited in the show. This is to help us better prepare for curation of the exhibition. The work does not have to be "ready to hang", we just need to be able to see what it is! 

Can I submit an installation artwork?

Absolutely! We encourage the submission of installations. We are excepting submissions in the form of proposals/plans or mockups as well as images. The only condition is, they must not exceed 2 metres in any direction. If you are unsure if the artwork is eligible, shoot us a message!

Can I submit a video/film?

Sure can! When submitting, upload a small segment or still of the video work, a description of the content and the run time. Please keep in mind, you may be asked to supply your own monitor or projector as we have a limited supply. 

Can I enter an artwork that has been exhibited elsewhere?

Yup! You can enter artworks that have been exhibited elsewhere, however the artwork must not have been completed prior to October 2022.

Do I have to currently live on the Sunny Coast to enter?

No. However, you DO need to have a strong affiliation with the coast: ie. grew up or lived in the region for a significant period of your life.

Didn't get the answers you're looking for? Feel free to send us an email ( or message us on instagram (@40under40exhibition).

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