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Evelyn Marina is a mixed-media artist guided by the wondrous magic of the ocean. She produces works on canvas, paper, fabric, and everyday objects she decides to turn blue. The Sunshine Coast artist has always had an affinity with the water. Her grandparents arrived in Australia from European islands Korcula and Sicily, and she spent her childhood on the west coast of Australia. Evelyn believes in the restorative nature of the ocean and explores this healing power with immersive shapes of blue. She encourages stillness and contemplation, creating space for people to slow down, reconnect and look within. Evelyn received a Bachelor of Arts (Creative Advertising and Graphic Design, and Photography and Illustration) from Curtin University in 2013. Since then, she has worked as a graphic designer, creating visuals for magazines, and textiles and brand identities for fashion labels such as Finders Keepers and Palm Noosa.

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