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Ebony  Busk

Ebony Busk is a self taught artist. Painting and living on Gubbi Gubbi /Kabi Kabi country. Ebony was Born in Bundaberg but grew up in Maleny, she started drawing at a very young age and painting about 8 years ago. She is currently an artist in residence at Subtropics studios in Caloundra. Ebony paints in oils, predominantly portraits, figures and still life. Using people she knows and connects with as reference as much as possible. She is deeply inspired by the renaissance period, the compositions and anatomical detail that can be captured within subtleties of the human experience through well placed shadows and shapes have become a large goal for her. There is always so much to be learnt from old masters. As her style develops she has become more impressionistic and expressive, while still using fundamental techniques. It truly inspires Ebony seeing other people enjoy what she has created. The vulnerability that comes with showing her work, but also the joy, the intellectual challenge and commitment, its a beautiful experience. Ebony Spoke with Paradiso magazine and the corner palm live with Ash Grunwald about her practise this year. She was also involved in the Woman by Abby Rose ‘Woman of art’ exhibition in September. And as earlier mentioned is currently in residency at SubTropics studios with creative spaces, creative alliance and the Sunshine Coast council. Ebony has a lot of exciting plans for 2021 so watch this space!