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Warwick Gow

Brisbane born, photographer Warwick Gow grew up on the Sunshine Coast and has spent the majority of his life calling it home. Receiving his first camera in 2009, Warwick began to document the coast’s subcultures. Despite beginning a degree in Paramedics half way through he changed to a Bachelor of Journalism to support his photography. Warwick was runner-up in the Student Category of the 2013 Monster Children Photography Competition. He graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2015. Warwick is a self-taught photographer but uses his foundation as a journalist to ground his work in an ethical and honest way. From 2016 Warwick lived and travelled overseas before returning to the Sunshine Coast in 2018 to pursue a career as a photographer. Warwick’s photography aims to challenge ideas around people and places using current socio-political sentiments as a way to elevate personal voices, specifically those usually underrepresented in mainstream media. This creates deeply personal work not only in collaboration with his subjects but also through his self-portraiture work. Warwick’s self-portraits work to challenge not only his position as the photographer but also ideas around masculinity, vulnerability and gender roles in society. Warwick has curated and edited magazines, events and participated in multiple exhibitions. In 2020 his self-portrait works created in response to COVID-19 lockdown during a residency with Creative Spaces Sunshine Coast were exhibited by the Sunshine Coast Council. In 2021 Warwick aims to finish his ‘Naked in the Rain’ project with his first solo exhibition.

Instagram: @warwickgowphoto