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Tess Miller

Tess Miller is a ceramic artist, using clay to create sculpture objects and pieces, born is Melbourne but moved to sunshine coast when she was 4, have lived in Noosa for the past 15 years. Currently working at The Pottery Studio in Nambour, teaching Wheel throwing and Hand Building courses and classes. Tess has always hands on learner and loved using her hands daily to create , when finding clay and learning for she could use it and create whenever crazy ideas and shapes that where inside her head to a 3D form was pure joy. Tess’s motivation and inspirational comes from the authentic colours and feeling she gets from being in nature and the ocean Tess reminiscent and commutate in her sculptures Growing up on the Sunshine coast, it would hard not to be an ocean lover, drawn to the beach at least every second day barefoot and salty eyed is her natural state. Drawing inspiration form the shapes and shadows in the waves and shoreline and colours and textures, Tess’s works are echoes of ocean and herself. Only just started her Artist journey this year and recently graduated Diploma of Visual Arts ,Tess has been lucky enough to have been in Women of Art Exhibition featuring established and emerging female artist early this year, she was over the moon and grateful to have her sculptures on display and to have sold them. For Tess being creative is a need and must, like food and water, everyone needs to be creative is feed the soul and sparks joys.

Instagram- @tesss_miller