Rose Hocking

Rose is a Sunshine Coast based artist living in Eumundi. Working primarily with photography, she also has an interest in installation, focusing on the inclusion of music in art through experimentation with composition and cello. With a childhood spent surrounded by the arts, her interest has been growing from a young age. She was first formally introduced to photography at Sunshine Beach High School, with an introduction to working with different methods and processes of creating photographs. This led to Rose's pursuit of photography into University where she has completed a Bachelor of Photography with First Class Honours at Griffith University. Rose is currently focused on exploring issues of the environment and human impact within her photographs. Her work aims to create and strengthen connections between the audience and the environment prompting consideration and reflection on that relationship. Rose’s process is not limited to one way of working, through experimentation and development, an idea never remains exactly how it was planned. She believes that it is important to reflect and respond to experiments, with the concept developing from the process. With her work and artistic practice developing over the last few years, Rose’s work has been exhibited in four exhibitions: ‘Luz’ Machinery Street Gallery 2018, Undergrowth QCA 2019, QCA Graduate Exhibition 2019 and QCA Honours and MAVA Graduate Exhibition 2020. She is continuing to explore the themes of human and environmental relationship, continuing with the research and expansion of her project Momentaneum Visum.

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