Aisha_Darmansjah_2 (2) - Aisha Darmansja
Aisha_Darmansjah_2 - Aisha

Aisha Darmansjah

Aisha Darmansjah is a chronic dabbler in the arts who apperates between her hometown of Cooran and Brisvegas where she is currently studying Video Games (Animation) and Science (Geology) at QUT. Aisha enjoys straddling the crossroads of different fields and weaving their elements together to create oft unexpected results. She practices a variety of mediums such as digital illustration, 3D modelling, diorama construction and doll customisation – however she is best known for her intricate papercuts. Aisha’s art acts mostly as a counterweight to her academic endeavours – she finds sticking to just one discipline drains her enthusiasm no matter how much she loves the subject. Surprisingly, she has found her graphical skills quite useful in her geology degree for making clear and legible graphs/ figures of complicated rock shenanigans. The end goal in both her art and study choices is to create experiences that expose the audience to neat, weird titbits they may not have encountered before. One day she dreams of being able to create a geologically accurate open-world game…