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Mitch Cheesman

My name is Mitchell Luke Cheesman and my last name branches from British cheese sellers a long time ago. I have memories in school always getting told off for not paying attention and sketching in my workbook, so it has always been an interest for me. Until Spring, 2018 I had only used paper and pencil, that is when my parents flew to Europe for a month and I bought my first canvas. My early work consisted of mediums including collage, oil stick and acrylics until I stumbled across oils in the home garage. Now all my clothes have paint on them. Flowers and plants have intrigued me since a young age. In the garden with my nanna telling me to not get to close to her bromeliads. I think the texture in my oil paintings encapsulates how mesmerizing it can be to see a bunch of sunflowers in the morning light in a brown vase on a dark red stained table. It brings them to life on canvas. Experimenting with a piece is the foremost part of the whole process, it keeps it out of the monotonous zone and becomes sometimes surprising to oneself. In November 2019 I was given the opportunity to hold my first solo show at Greaser Gallery in Fortitude Valley. This was a particular night that will stand out to me forever. Coming from that I have pretty much painted myself into the ground throughout 2020 and have been given the opportunity to hold my 2nd solo show at Thomas Surfboards Gallery opening Friday the 22nd of January titled ‘stolen flowers from strangers gardens’.

Instagram: @mitchcheesman