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Maddison Rose Hunter


Hello, I go by Velvetpaint and I’m from the Sunshine Coast. I like to work mainly in 2D using inks/watercolour and paint, but have started to experiment with clay. I am a self taught artist but have recently decided to broaden my skills/knowledge by doing an Certificate 3 in Visual Arts course at Tafe. Art for me is something I hold extremely close to my heart, it has helped me through out my battle with depression and anxiety, being someone who internalises a lot, drawing has always pulled me out of my head. The only thing I hope to achieve through my art is helpings others feel less alone. Within the last 4 years i have done three pop up exhibitions, have had my artwork for sale at multiple cafes and I also sell my artwork through instagram. In 2021 I will be starting my Diploma in Visual Arts and look forward to having an end of year exhibition.

Instagram: @velvetpaint

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