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Luka Raubenheimer

Sucker of the whim but loyal to my loves. Browsing the garden in awe, I like the smells and sounds and the slight chance of finding a snake or a golden orb weaver spinning her web. My art comes naturally, spontaneous variations inspired by the Scribbly Gum. I have no reason for creation, it’s just part of us all. Drawn to the amid moments, delicate plans of total madness gone wrong, space pulling between life feral in thicket on the never ending road and suburbia’s leisure’s so sweet the features of a human face. Juxtaposition of our beautiful minds. I never begin a painting with a plan, it’s more so therapeutical and fun getting lost . I only paint with my fingers. My figurative paintings are open to be interpreted however one chooses. I think most of them end up depicting a sad futuristic human race, A.I cyborg kids rule the world 2223 kind of energy issues. I hope my work can inspire people to be who they are, seek out what inspires them and get outside. Care for each other and care for Mother Nature.

Instagram: @luka.r_films