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Laura Vecmane

Laura Vecmane is a contemporary visual artist who has been expressing herself through several classical and experimental creative media - painting, mixed media, photography, mosaic artistry, and sculpture since 2002. Laura was born and grew up in Latvia, where she early realized the passion and gift for creative arts. During the school years, her talents lay dormant and unused until she rediscovered them at age 20 and pursued the path of art. The early years of her artistic career were spent in Europe, studying art in Latvia, Denmark, and Spain. The multicultural influences, impressions of nature, radiant light, rich and vivid colors, and scenes of daily life have been the main inspirations for Laura’s art. Laura believes that the path of art is a path to a heart, filled with self-discovery and opportunities to heal and fulfill one's dreams. Laura is continuously learning to find new ways of sharing her voice. She nominates Nature as her most valuable teacher and enjoys collaborating with others on similar projects. Intending to uplift the artwork viewers, Laura approaches her art practice with great integrity, often allowing her creative visions to be influenced by her intuition and invisible realms of Spirit. Laura currently lives in Maleny, Sunshine Coast, where she keeps exploring the motives of native Australian fauna, flora, and other impressions of daily life both through her painting and ephemeral art practice. The upcoming exhibition project "Let's Play Wild", shared with fellow photographer Ketakii Jewson-Brown is an eagerly anticipated collaboration, that will be held at the Cooroy Butter Factory Arts centre from 7th of May until 8th of June 2021.