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Kerri Louisa

Kerri Louisa is a visual artist who works with multiple mediums but predominately focuses on illustration and design elements within paintings and ceramics. While pursuing a Diploma in Visual Arts in 2019, Kerri discovered a connection in working with with clay. Her journey with clay is young and unfolding. Working from home with very minimal equipment, Kerri has taken to hand building using a mix of fine sculpture and recycled clays. Growing up on a semi remote acreage in the Adelaide hIlls, nature has always been a source of solace and inspiration for Kerri. Her work, both in illustration, painting and ceramics often reflects the beauty and story found in our natural world. Kerri says "Nature gives me such simple joy and a deep sense of belonging and connection. The process of translating what I see and experience onto paper and into clay is meditative. It brings back and adds to conversations, thoughts and ideas that mostly happen when I am out among the tree's. My hope is that others will feel invited in to this and find their own story within the work.” 2020 found Kerri enrolled into a Graphic Design Diploma where she endeavoured to become friends with the computer. This endeavour is a work in progress but working with symmetrical shapes and design has given Kerri a different approach to creative problem solving. This has been influencing her time with clay. Kerri has recently found herself exploring a range of different vase ideas. She is currently fascinated with shape, form and function while exploring ways to express natures influence. Her current collection of vases bear witness to Kerri’s continued curiosity and exploration as an artist.

Instagram: @kerri.louisa