Katie Harris-MacLeod. 'Earth Painting',

Katie Harris-MacLeod

Katie Harris-MacLeod is a multifaceted Contemporary Artist. She was brought up on the West Coast of Scotland and on Gubbi Gubbi Country, Queensland, Australia; where she is currently based. Her work is deeply connected to nature, the psychogeography of place, and the life cycle, which Katie interprets as having three parts: birth, life and death. Nuances of folklore, multiple generation narratives, femininity, loss and isolation are all present in her work. These narratives are then recorded through a poetic exchange between the artist, landscape, performance and practice of the wild. Katie is a recent graduate of Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art & Design, Dundee, Scotland. She was awarded a mentorship and residency placement on the Muir is Tìr sailing residency funded by SAIL BRITAIN and AN LANNTAIR, as part of ‘YEAR OF YOUNG PEOPLE 2018’. As well as exhibiting her degree show work at An Lanntair gallery for the Lùl: Art, Course, Learning, Guidance - Exhibition. She was a key speaker at Las! | Ignite! Festival. Since graduating, Katie has lived and worked across the Hebrides of Scotland and the rural Highlands of Argyll. She has undergone a wide variety of international study tours and residencies across Scotland, Ireland, France and most recently, the ecologically diverse landscape of Gubbi Gubbi country, Australia.