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Jim Martin

Jim Martin is a roving, multidisciplinary, emerging artist. A science degree with a marine ecology focus has been the springboard into investigating our place within modern landscapes. Grasping the depth of human interaction with our land has set the compass for his largely self directed education in ecological literacy. Acrylic painting has become the medium of expression over the past six years, and is becoming the vehicle to further these explorations. Career highlights largely stem from mentor ship and opportunities associated directly and indirectly from the Bunya Collaboration in 2018. These connections have culminated in an Archibald entry with a pre-hang exhibiting opportunity at Birrunga Gallery and Dining. Jim’s paintings have been a part of group exhibitions in NSW, Tasmania and throughout south-east QLD. As well as creating visual depictions of his experience of landscape over the past decade, Jim has been a part of the natural/alternative building movement. The practicality of creative expression has become an important focus of Jim’s practice. 2020 rounded out with an opportunity to delve deeper into alternative building techniques with a role leading a workshop with Earthship Eco Homes in South Australia. This experience has helped bring the imagined worlds of painted landscapes into tangible reality.

Instagram: @jimmartin.artist