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Jakob Lydford

Jakob Lydford is a Sunshine Coast based art maker who works across several different mediums. Jakob has no qualification to make art, but has used and will continue to use the therapeutic qualities of creating art until he dies. He is, as a matter of fact, currently studying a degree in secondary education with the aim of teaching art to pass on this simple love for sitting and creating art. The themes in his work are all over the place. Jakob is only 19 and still milking the teenage feeling of invincibility and frankness which allows for the work he creates to be a sometimes-charming mess of thoughts and feelings. Often Jakob's art can be perceived as unfinished, which it sometimes is, as the important part of art to Jakob is not the result but the feelings that go into the creative process. This might be perceived as lazy, which it very much is, but again, he is 19 and doesn't like to take himself too seriously. Feelings come and go so fast and Jakob believes it's a waste to hold onto a feeling too long, ‘cause it starts going off like milk and makes the art sour just the same. Jakob is excited for the future, and all the feelings he is yet to feel. He’s looking forward to what his future art students can teach him and hope he can be a good art teacher too, Although, Jakob is equally excited by the present and is enjoying feeling all the sensations of now.

Instagram: @jakoblydford