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Jake Vincent

Jake Vincent grew up on the Sunshine Coast. He found a digital camera at tickle park when he was around 5. Jake and his parents put up "found camera" posters but nobody claimed it. This was the beginning of his interest in photography. In 2012 Jake switched to analogue photography. The desire to make the best images he could inside the camera and not on a computer spawned this decision. His work that will be on display at the "40 under 40" exhibition is one example of the way he chooses to use film to create an abstract work of art.


Jake has just released his first photo book. The book is made up of street photography shot in various country's over a period of 7 years. The entire book was shot on Black and White film and the images have been paired in a diptych form to for the reader to create there own story. It is entitled creep.

Instagram: @jake_vincent