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Emma Lueders

Emma Lueders is a Sunshine Coast born artist, currently residing in Brisbane. Her main medium is painting but she also enjoys ceramics and experimenting with different crafts. Art has been in her life since she was young, growing up as a dancer. Visual art and fashion were discovered in her teenage years, but studying art has only been a recent endeavour. She will be going on to her second semester of a Diploma of Visual art. Art is a personal exploration for Emma. The process of creating is what she most enjoys, the product is less of a concern. Painting is of particular interest because of the freedom it allows. Emma tries not to overconceptualise her art but rather draws from her subconscious. Last year she was featured in the Bloom Collective’s show “Resist” and has also participated in a couple of house shows this past year. She hopes to continue to enjoy her practice and using it as a tool to explore her inner workings and relationships with herself, the world and others.

Instagram- @emmgloo