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Jord​yn Burnett

Jordyn Burnett is an artist from the Sunshine Coast, working a variety of jobs to pay the bills and tries to stay creative in the mind-numbing routine of the work life. Jordyn uses mixed mediums for her art including painting, illustrations, digital art and body paint. Inspired by her late grandmother who was an artist in her day but gradually lost her memory, Jordyn pushed through with the new attitude of ‘what have I got to lose?’. She never did art in school as the word around town was that it wasn’t an actual career but more of a hobby, but has now just completed her Diploma of Visual arts which ended with a virtual exhibition run by the Nambour Tafe. Jordyn mainly focuses her work on her mental health and/or relatable day to day struggles sugar coated with humour and bright colours. To make someone feel uncomfortable because what they see is comfortable in a personal sense and to question why is what Jordyn thrives to achieve. Jordyn enjoys experimenting different ways to express herself, whether its through body art or digital or whatever she can get her hands on she finds the thrills in trying new things. Although only being a part of the Tafe exhibition so far, Jordyn has plans to move up and forward with her work through future exhibitions and the hope of opening a gallery and studio space.

Instagram: @__jo_rdyn__