Camille Evans

Camille Therese is a Sunshine Coast born ceramic artist. She is predominantly self taught with a background in painting, drawing and printmaking and has recently fallen for the unpredictability of working with clay as a medium. She is particularly inspired by the tactile experience of working with a number of different clay bodies and the endless variables that come with each each clay and glaze interaction. The lack of control that is an inevitable part of experimenting with ceramics is the part that she finds the most engaging and enjoyable. As a result each piece she creates is a unique study in surface texture, form and contrast. She is fascinated by natural sciences, particularly geology and the way that human beings and weather have manipulated the natural landscapes around us. This collection romanticises the parallels between the natural world and human creativity. 40 under 40 is Camille’s first exhibition. She is planning a solo show for sometime next year and is looking forward to seeing how far she can push the boundaries of working with clay.

Instagram:  @cami.ceramics

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