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Ashlee Becks

"Ashlee Becks is an award-winning portraiture artist hailing from the Sunshine Coast. She recently completed her Honours in Fine Arts at the Queensland College of Art. Her studio is based in Brisbane where she lives with her supportive partner, Henry, and his dog named Ollie. 


Ashlee is primarily a self-portraiture painter specializing in the need to better understand and live with the self. A material sensibility guides her approach to painting, with thick impasto mark making acting as a metaphor for self-discovery and healing. Loving, performative, and visceral strokes enable viewers to sense the presence of the artist. Ashlee hopes that the open and mentally confronting images she creates will aid in dissolving the stigma associated with mental illness and seeking help. With repetition of self, bold mark making, and vivid colouring, Ashlee’s paintings are refreshingly unique, brave, and thought provoking. 


Ashlee has exhibited in many group exhibitions and in 2018 won The Arts in Bark Bursary. In 2020 she won the Emerging Artist Award at the Brisbane Portrait Prize and also exhibited her first solo show at Grey Street Gallery in Brisbane. In 2021, Ashlee is looking forward to completing a number of art residencies, exhibiting with Lethbridge Art Gallery, and is entering the Archibald Prize.”

Instagram: @becksashlee