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Alex Hardy

Alex Hardy-Tylim is a mixed media artist currently residing in Coolum Beach. Previously a musician, he become interested in visual art when completing his Digital Media degree as he found in it another avenue of creative output. He currently works in a local mail order business printing reward stickers and certificates for schools and teachers. This job and his degree taught much of the skills and techniques Al uses in his processes and practise. Since completing his degree, Al has begun to blur the lines between physical and digital artwork, combining digital and physical processes and practise to create and iterate pieces that relate to his own transitions as a human being. Forever on a journey to find the point between natural and digital art, Al’s work combines different media such as audio, clay, photography, ink, paper and animation to find this balance, and sometime imbalance. Al has worked with USC, creating illustrations surrounding mental health, while completing an animation project for the Rockhampton Art Gallery for their upcoming exhibition, Now That We’re Here. Al has also recently been apart of the Disrupt workshop program on the Sunshine Coast, focussing on disrupting the creative process of Sunshine Coast creatives and artists.


Instagram: @algonaught